Introducing Jayden         


Jayden 9yrs. old 2014

     Hello Everycat and Everyone!  My name is Jayden, and I'm a Brown Classic  Tabby w/White Maine Coon cat, registered in the CFA. Welcome to my Homepage.   I am now 11 years old (July 29th), and I weigh 17 lbs.  I was named after a character in Star Trek: The Next Generation. My favorite thing to do is to hang out with my human dad, and play with my nephew, Pixel. I enjoy watching birdies at the feeders just outside the front room bay window. You can see the window behind me in this picture.  Send me email, especially if you are related to me!

      My picture will change as I grow!

      See my pedigree link below!


Jayden as kitten Jayden & brofurs

 Here's me when I was little!

 Here's me with my 2 brofurs
(I'm in the middle)


Jayden checks out toys in new home Uncle Data & baby Jayden

1st day at my new home!
Are all these toys for me?

Here's me with my Uncle Data, who I miss very very much.


Geordi & Jayden January 2009 - R.I.P. Geordi! Pixel & Jayden play boxing - December 2008

Here's me with my Uncle Geordi, who I miss very very much!

Here's me play fighting with my nephew, Pixel (he's taller!).

View Jayden's Pedigree! - Send Me Email!

Check out pictures of my Parents!


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